House Dems, GOP joust over DeJoy, postal reform

Republicans and Democrats clashed over the 2020 presidential election and controversial postmaster general Louis DeJoy at a House hearing on postal reform Wednesday. (Feb. 24)

Video Transcript

JAMES COMER: Last year, in this committee, Democrats spun wild conspiracy theories about Postmaster DeJoy's plan to steal the election by removing unnecessary blue postal boxes and underused mail sorting machines.

JIM JORDAN: They accused you of things-- they said you were restricting overtime. False. They told you, oh, you were taking the collection boxes, doing something had never been done before, even though it had been done by every previous postmaster general. 12,000 of them had been moved by the Obama administration postmaster general. But oh, somehow you were the worst. Again, all under the guise of creating this-- this crazy chaos that they wanted around the election relative to mail-in balloting, and you were the guy they used to launch it all to start it all in the summer.

GERRY CONNOLLY: US District Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington upheld a challenge by 14 states and then joined the postmaster general to stop what he was doing. And said, the states have demonstrated that the defendants are involved-- the defendants being Mr. DeJoy and company-- they are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service. That's not some partisan Democrat. That's a federal judge.

LOUIS DEJOY: Let me say at the outset that we must acknowledge that during this peak season, we fell far short of meeting our service targets. Too many Americans were left waiting for weeks for important deliveries of mail and packages. This is unacceptable. And I apologize to those customers who felt the impact of our delays. All of us at the Postal Service, from our board to our leadership team to our union association leadership to every employee, strive to do better in our service to the American people, and we will do better.