House GOP leader decries 'wokeness' in MLB move

The top-ranking House Republican renews his party's attack on Major League Baseball for pulling the All-Star Game out of Georgia over voting law concerns. (May 4)

Video Transcript

KEVIN MCCARTHY: I wish Major League Baseball would learn the lesson from this, to not make a rash decision, to make informed decisions, to read the bills before they make judgment. This movement in this country about wokeness has got to stop.

GUS TSELIOS: It's not the end of the world. Like I said, we're gonna move on. We've been through worse. But it's just a little bit of hurt, you know. It hurts a little bit because it was gonna be a fun week.

KEVIN MCCARTHY: We tried to help, doing the PPP and others. But here in Georgia, the excitement everybody had, knowing that they were gonna get an all-star game, that it was gonna give you, really, the opportunity to kickstart the economy one more time and people coming out.