‘House of Gucci’ Reveals New Cover Ahead of Movie Release

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The book that the upcoming “House of Gucci” movie — maybe you’ve heard of it? — is based off of will be getting a new cover in celebration of the film adaption, Custom House announced today. Written by former WWD Milan bureau chief Sara Gay Forden, the tome will be on sale with the new cover on Oct. 26 and features the Italian fashion houses’ iconic stripe print.

The movie tie-in edition of “House of Gucci,” which was published in 2000, will also feature a new afterword that updates the reader on what’s happened with the brand since the book’s original publication, and where Gucci is 21 years later.

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Forden, who was the bureau chief in Milan for WWD from 1993-99, conducted more than 100 interviews with members of the Gucci family, executives, employees, competitors and more in her research of the book.

“The book really takes you deep into the history of the Italian fashion industry and how it was born and how it evolved, and how family brands like Gucci and Versace and Armani and Prada went from being small, family boutique type business to being megabrands,” Forden says over the phone from Washington D.C., where she is based today.

The new edition’s cover was worked out between MGM and Custom House.

“The whole idea was to republish the book with the new afterword, which takes the reader up to date with all the highlights of things that have happened since the initial book was published, and also tie it in with the movie,” Forden says. “The idea was to offer something to people who might first be attracted by the movie and the star-studded cast and a director at the level of Ridley Scott, but then want to learn more. So that idea was to give viewers and readers more of the backstory.”

Of seeing her work come to life — at the hands of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver no less — Forden says it’s a surreal experience.

“I always felt that this was kind of an epic story that had a timeless quality, and has some of these timeless themes in terms of both the evolution of the company and the family story,” she says. “But it is surreal now [and] with the debut of the movie next month it’s getting so much attention.”

The new cover for “House of Gucci.”
The new cover for “House of Gucci.”
Sara Gay Forden - Credit: Mark Finkenstaedt
Sara Gay Forden - Credit: Mark Finkenstaedt

Mark Finkenstaedt

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