House hearings show Jan. 6 was ‘plotted, planned, organized’

Rep. Peter Welch, who took cover in the Capitol gallery on January 6th, explains what it was like to relive that day and watch the Select Committee play footage he himself took as the riot was playing out. “It’s been tough for a lot of the people who were part of the gallery group, particularly women who had any trauma in their life, or my colleagues who had young children.” Those in the gallery were “completely in the dark,” outside of minimal updates from the Capitol police, Welch says, “we just knew there was violence outside.” In his view, the hearings prove that the events that unfolded on Jan. 6 weren’t spontaneous. "This was plotted, planned, organized– in the service of Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the election.” He doesn’t give much credit to his Republican colleagues who now praise the former Vice President, “Pence did his job, they did not do theirs.”