House Judiciary Committee sets deadline for Trump, legal counsel to participate in impeachment hearings

Tim O'Donnell

Mark your calendars.

President Trump has until Dec. 6 to alert the House Judiciary Committee if his counsel intends to call witnesses and introduce evidence in the committee's upcoming impeachment hearings as the inquiry transitions away from the House Intelligence Committee to the judiciary panel. Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) set the deadline in a letter sent to the president Friday.

Nadler also set the same deadline for Republican lawmakers on the Democrat-led committee to let him know about any intended witnesses and evidence they wish to involve in the hearings. The lawmakers will then have a meeting on Dec. 9.

Trump has also been invited to attend the committee's initial hearing scheduled for Dec. 4 and must decided by Sunday evening if he will accept. It is unclear how Trump or his counsel will respond to either request, but it's tough to imagine they won't use the whole clock before making a decision while keeping the committee on its toes. Read more at Reuters and Washington Post.

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