House painter shoots to fame after viral singing video

STORY: This Egyptian house painter

has shot to national fame as a singer

Location: Cairo, Egypt

after a video of him singing

absentmindedly at work went viral

two years after he posted it

(Ahmed Salem, Singer)

“How could I post something on YouTube - and it becomes a trend two years later? What does it mean to be a trend to begin with? I’m not very good with social media, so what does it mean to be a trend? And what’s next? I don’t know. It’s overwhelming but it’s a beautiful thing, those who wait patiently get rewarded.”

As the video spread, several music

producers reached out to Salem

He's now preparing for his first album

and has recently put on his first concert

(Ahmed Salem, Singer)

"I cannot believe any of this, it feels like a dream. It feels like I will go sleep and when I wake up all this will all be a dream. I got so overwhelmed that I couldn't continue a family fishing trip and I couldn't hold my phone. Because a lot of people were calling me, I couldn't save all the numbers."