House for sale has ‘a party in every room.’ Check out the unassuming Texas property

Screen grab from Zillow

A house on the real estate market in Fort Worth, Texas, has been going crazy on Twitter for a reason you might not expect.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home — which is listed for $745,000 — looks like your basic Lone Star State ranch-style residence on the outside, but inside? Well, that’s a different story.

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”’You’ve never seen anything like this before’, is an understatement!” the listing on says. “Host the best pool parties, or game day parties in town! Think Fort Worth’s ULTIMATE party house meets the coolest investment property!”

The 7,179-square-foot interior is packed with all sorts of fun with its indoor pool game room, water slide and so much more. Sure, it has all your basic home amenities: kitchen, bedrooms, a random piano, but the draw is clearly the frat party atmosphere.

The residence caught the eye of Zillow Gone Wild, a Twitter account and Facebook page that focuses on unique listings on the real estate market, and people were agog about the interior.

“You never know what’s going on inside a home, part 240923, Fort Worth edition,” the caption on Zillow Gone Wild reads.

“I mean…is it zoned for Airbnb? If so…where do I sign?” one person asked.

“Let’s go with ‘things that shouldn’t go in the same room together for $1,000, Alex,’” another joked.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE in that neighborhood knows what’s going on in that house,” someone noted.

“Did Josh Baskin from the movie ‘Big’ decorate this?” one person asked. “I remember back when that warehouse loft space with the trampoline was my dream home. Kind of still is.”

“This house screams frat house decorated with the entire contents of a furniture warehouse going out of business sale,” another joked.

“What in the Playboy McMansion is going on here?” someone asked.

“There’s a party in every room, and everyone’s coming,” one person tweeted.

“Ok, but I actually like this house though...” another said.

The listing is held by Lance Blann of Dave Perry Miller Real Estate.

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