House Speaker strips Michigan Rep. of committee assignments, reassigns his staff

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives Joe Tate (D-Detroit) has taken action against Rep. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) following several social media posts on the platform “X” which are being called racist and hate speech by many of their colleagues.

Rep. Schriver had re-posted a map on Feb. 6, allegedly showing where white people live in comparison with communities of color across the world. At the bottom of the map, it declares “The great replacement!”

State Rep. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) (Photo: MI House of Rep.)
State Rep. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) (Photo: MI House of Rep.)

The “Great Replacement Theory” is a popular white supremacist theory that communities of color are replacing traditionally Caucasian communities, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The original X post was shared by right-wing media personality Jack Posobiec.

After initial reactions condemning the post – including from Speaker Tate, who called the posts “blatantly racist” – Rep. Schriver doubled down on the “Great Replacement Theory” rhetoric with several related posts of his own.

Tate spoke out again Monday morning in a press release.

“I will not allow the Michigan House of Representatives to be a forum for the proliferation of racist, hateful and bigoted speech,” House Speaker Tate said. “Representative Schriver has a history of promoting debunked theories and dangerous rhetoric that jeopardizes the safety of Michigan residents and contributes to a hostile and uncomfortable environment for others. The House of Representatives is the people’s house, and all Michiganders should look upon this body and take pride in how we conduct ourselves. It is also a workplace, and I have a responsibility to make sure the employees of the House feel safe and secure.”

Tate said he “will withhold the office allotment for Schriver, and the representative’s staff will be reassigned.”

Tate is also removing Schriver from assignments on the House Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee, and the resources typically made available to a representative will be held by the House Business Office.

According to Tate, these “resources are provided at the discretion and pleasure of the Speaker.”

Schriver will continue as a representative and will still be able to vote on legislation.

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