House votes to pass Equality Act

The Democratic-led House has voted to pass a bill that would enshrine LGBTQ protections in the nation's labor and civil rights laws, a top priority of President Joe Biden. (Feb. 25)

Video Transcript

NANCY PELOSI: It takes a momentous step towards full equality that brings our nation closer to the founding promise of liberty and justice for all, enshrined in the preamble of our Constitution by our founders in their great wisdom, also in our pledge to the flag. And it is, sadly, necessary. I wish that it

Weren't. Sometimes I just wonder why it is. But it is, sadly, necessary. Because many members of the national LGBTQ community live in states where, though they have the right to marry, they have no state-level nondiscrimination protections in other areas of life.

VIRGINIA FOXX: I rise in opposition to HR 5, yet another harmful bill that has been rushed to the House floor without thorough bipartisan consideration. It claims to strive for equality. But in practice, this bill undermines the constitutional religious freedoms guaranteed to all Americans. Once again, abandoning long-established House procedures, Democrats are pushing a conveniently titled bill without convening one hearing or markup during the 117th Congress to consider its vast implications for educational institutions and employers.

- On this vote, the yeas are 224, and the nays are 206. The bill is passed.