Houston area districts race to fix storm-damaged schools

Administrators across the area will have to factor in the well-being of both students and educators who may have been impacted during the harsh storm.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, Erik and Ilona, we've reached out to so many school districts to try to find out those plans for Monday, but the truth is, some of them just aren't sure yet. Most of the ones we talked to said they are eyeing Monday for return, some stuff still up in the air.

Schools trying to get back to normal so kids can get back to learning. Several districts are giving updates today, many planning to resume classes on Monday.

Crews are already working hard to repair damage and will continue through the weekend. Cy-Fair ISD released these photos of damage, including that at Langham Creek High School.

- As we navigate the impacts of this week's winter storm.

- A similar situation for Katy ISD. They released this video showing damage to schools. They had a huge cleanup response because 75% of campuses had some form of damage from the storm. Klein ISD's superintendent says they're pleased with repair progress as well.

JENNY MCGOWN: People got right on the scene as soon as they could safely arrive there and have begun the work of getting everything put back together again so our buildings will be safe and ready on Monday.

GRENITA LATHAN: In HISD, we are working to get all of our facilities back online so that we can resume normal operations next week.

- We're hearing there from HISD's interim superintendent, Dr. Grenita Lathan, saying next week. We're still waiting to hear the details on HISD for exactly when that will be.

Also hearing from Fort Bend ISD, saying they'll make a decision by Sunday afternoon if classes will resume on Monday for them.