Houston-area mother of one of 2 teens gunned down last Thanksgiving desperate for answers

HOUSTON - "In my mind, and in my heart, it feels like 15 minutes ago," said Tasha Cooke. "It doesn't seem like it's been a year at all."

Thanksgiving and no other holidays for that matter will ever be the same for Cooke.

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"My youngest daughter had just moved into her first apartment," she said.

And the family gathered at her new apartment at 11755 South Lake Drive for Thanksgiving dinner.

It would be the last holiday for 18-year-old President Wynn.

"He was my youngest and my only son," Cooke said.

She says she was napping when President and 17-year-old Damarion Lewis went to get bags out of the car.

"They had a brother-type relationship ," said Cooke.

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When she awoke from her nap, life would never be the same.

"All I heard was gunfire," Cooke said. "In my mind, I'm dreaming I'm like, God thank you my family is safe."

Reality struck when she ran out of the apartment to find the two teens shot multiple times.

"It was horrific to see two kids drenched in blood," said Cooke.

Almost a year has passed and police have no suspects.

"To whomever did it, I'm sure they have no peace. They can't possibly have peace, because as a family we have no peace," Cooke said. "Please give our family some kind of answers, some kind of closure, some type of something."

Anyone with information should contact HPD's Homicide Division or Crime Stoppers.