Houston BCycle serves 1M riders 6 months earlier than expected

In 2020, BCycle saw an increase of 50,000 rides over the previous year, thanks to Houstonians being outside more during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

Sounds like some biking weather. Well, during the pandemic, we've seen a bike boom as more people trade four wheels for two. So here's a look at the big demand for BCycles, and just how much Houston's bike share program has grown. Whether you're riding to work, getting some exercise, or just enjoying being outdoors, more and more Houstonians are biking, and BCycle has the stats to prove it. 2020 saw an increase of 50,000 rides over the previous year. And the bike share reached its millionth rider six months earlier than expected.

The numbers are continuing to increase, and BCycle is on track to see another 60,000 more rides this year with the growing popularity of their new ebikes. Now if you are new to BCycle, you can simply walk up to those kiosks, pay with a credit card at the kiosk, or on the mobile app. Walk-up riders pay a flat rate of $3 for 30 minutes. Now, members of BCycle, get the first 60 minutes of every ride free.