Houston Crime: 1 person hospitalized after getting shot in chest from recognized person near Glenbrook park

HOUSTON - The Houston Police Department is investigating a shooting after two people were shot inside their car on Sunday, while meeting with a woman at 7925 Howard Drive.

Police say they responded to a shooting at a 7-Eleven gas station around 10:48 p.m. Two people were riding in a black Mustang, meeting up with a woman.

Inside the mustang was an unidentified passenger and driver, according to officials.

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While driving, another car pulled up and shot at the mustang.

The driver of the mustang drove away and was followed by the shooter as they drove into the 7-Eleven.

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Once they arrived at the gas station, the shooter fired again at them.

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According to police, one person was shot in the upper chest and taken to the hospital. One of the victims told police they knew the person who shot them.


Police say there is still an active investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available.