Houston firefighters asking voters to bind mayor for contract

They've been without a contract since 2017 and they've gotten thousands of signatures to add a binding arbitration initiative to the city ballot.

Video Transcript

- Houston firefighters are asking for your help this afternoon in their fight for a contract. Firefighters want voters to approve binding arbitration. That's when an independent outsider hears both sides and then decides on binding contract terms. Mayor Turner has opposed it for years. Firefighters have been without a contract since 2017 and are now collecting voter signatures to make arbitration mandatory. That despite the mayor's recent offer of a 6% raise without a contract.

- The devil is always in the details if you will, and that we appreciate any stipend, increase, whatever you want to call it from the federal government. But that the only way to bind the city and to take care of the firefighters is to do it through a collective bargaining contract. The mayor knows this.

- So the signatures would need to be turned in by the end of the month to get that on the November ballot, and we reached out to the mayor's office to see what he thinks. He's been in a council meeting most of the afternoon. His office has not returned our messages.