Houston Food Bank needs volunteers and donations

The Houston Food Bank needs volunteers and donations to get food to communities following this week's winter storm.

Video Transcript

- Well, we've had to reduce the number of volunteers in the building just because of COVID. So normally we'd take up to 1,000. We've held it down to about 150. For us the big challenge is to make sure that every single shift is staffed up with the volunteers for the maximum. So we're running, you know, three shifts a day, and we're running seven days a week. So we've got a lot of shifts. We just need them staffed.

Yes, we had to shut down completely for volunteers. So we just had the staff members doing all of the right out work. We opened back up for volunteers, and we're going to be-- we're trying to get all the shifts staffed as we go into the coming weeks.

So in the coming weeks, we're going to keep doing the normal distribution, then on top of it some extra distributions because of helping these families recover from the storm. So there would be volunteers that we requested for some of the big super site work, where there'll be a shift where they're actually doing the distribution work. Most of the volunteers will be doing work in here. When we get these donations in, a lot of times they have to be sorted, or containerized, or somehow made ready for distribution. And that's our normal work, and we'll keep doing it.