Houston grocery stores hope to be back to normal 'within a week'

"Just like you're restocking your fridge, we're restocking our stores." Here's what local grocery stores are doing to keep their stores running and providing you with necessary goods.

Video Transcript

ROXIE BUSTAMANTE: Well, I can tell you I've seen a difference, even just from yesterday. At this H-E-B store there was a line that wrapped around on this side of the building. Now you can see there are no lines. Now, you may see lines inside, though.

I spoke with H-E-B Houston, and I was told that it could take a week for things to get back to normal. As for Kroger's Houston division, they said a couple of weeks.

- I got enough, I think, for the next few days.

ROXIE BUSTAMANTE: We caught Abhina as she was loading up her car. The mother of three says she stocked up before the severe weather hit, then had to get more today at H-E-B. Water and juice were on the top of the grocery list for her family. H-E-B and this local market off of San Philippe Street did have some purchase limits on products like water.

A representative with H-E-B Houston says having no water is still impacting stores and their employees. But now that hundreds of delivery trucks can get on the roads, H-E-B will be getting product in their stores daily.

- One thing that the community can do for us is when they come in our stores, please don't panic buy. We will have stores fully stocked, shelves looking great within the week. So buy what you need and leave some for your neighbor. It's part of our Texans Helping Texans campaign, and that's what you can do to help us get back to normal.

- I'm making a daily trek to H-E-B to get my water. So it's limited to two per customer, which I think is, you know, pretty considerate so that everybody in the neighborhood can have at least something to drink and something to wash with.

ROXIE BUSTAMANTE: Roxie Bustamante, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

- OK, we're--