Houston Lawyer Who Sued Over Wrong-Day 'Hamilton' Tickets Gets Settlement

The marquee of Hamilton, An American Musical, which is playing at the Richard Rogers Theater. Joseph M. Arseneau/Shutterstock.com

Sometimes it pays to be a lawyer with the chops to sue over a customer service issue.

Two days after Houston lawyer Joshua Davis sued Ticketmaster—seeking damages after the ticket broker refused to refund $2,325.20 Davis spent on wrong-day tickets for "Hamilton"—Ticketmaster agreed to refund the lawyer's money.

Davis, of plaintiffs firm Davis Law Group in Houston, said he got a call from the Ticketmaster legal department on Friday, and the company offered to "fully refund" his money, and also cover what he spent to file the lawsuit in state district court in Houston on Wednesday.

"I'm whole, and I expect that we will buy tickets for the right day," Davis said. "I've reached a complete settlement with Ticketmaster."

Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to an email request for an interview.

Davis sued Ticketmaster shortly after he bought three tickets for the popular musical playing in New York. He noticed immediately the tickets were for the wrong day, but as he alleged in Davis v. Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster customer service initially said the company would not refund his money or switch his tickets to the correct day.

Intending to buy tickets on March 14 or 15 to celebrate his oldest daughter's 12th birthday on March 9, Davis alleged that he accidentally bought tickets for Jan. 17 after hitting the

"back" button on his browser.

Davis said he was angry that the company's customer service department would not work with him, so he did what a lawyer can do, and sued.

Davis said he feels "Hamiltonian," because his lawsuit was successful.

"A big part of the musical is Alexander Hamilton's disposition of having moments where he gets pissed off and writes something—and oftentimes is rewarded by it," Davis said.

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