Houston mayor: Texas needs more power generation

As millions shiver in the dark after a winter storm, Houston's mayor calls the failure of the state's power grid "unacceptable" and says state leaders need to make changes. (Feb. 16)

Video Transcript

SYLVESTER TURNER: We have to have more generation in this state. That is, it is simply unacceptable at this point for people to be without power at the coldest time in our history in the last 30 years. That's just-- it's just unacceptable. So we have to have more generation, and then ERCOT has to provide the flexibility. And so I'm calling on the state leaders to assist, because ERCOT is a state entity.

SHEILA JACKSON LEE: One of the problems is that our system is an isolated system. Texas never worked to intermingle with surrounding states, so it makes it very difficult for surrounding states to help us.