Houston mega vaccine site to serve 6,000 daily

If you're waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine from Harris County, your chances of getting a shot just greatly improved.

Video Transcript

TJ PARKER: Hey, good morning. I'm TJ Parker live in the community vaccination center here at the Yellow Lot at NRG. You can see the tents already set up here. The Houston Health Department and Harris County Public Health says the site will vaccinate, get this, 6,000 people a day. Now, this is the site's priority levels.

Priority 1 is for people over the age of 65 living in a high-risk zip code. Priority 2 is 65 plus, and priority 3 is people between 60 and 64 with underlying conditions in those high risk zip codes. So let's take a look at the map of those zip codes.

If you live in any of these areas, mostly in the county's north, east, and south sides, then you live in one of those high risk zip codes. Now city and county leaders also say that there are plans to put up small mobile vaccination sites in those high risk neighborhoods they say that will start happening as more supply comes. The goal is to get 126-- or the thought is to get 126,000 people vaccinated here over the next several weeks. We're live at NRG Park. I'm TJ Parker, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.