Houston native takes command of ISS

NASA astronaut Shannon Walker has taken over command of the the International Space Station. Walker, a Houston native, joined NASA in 1987 as a robotics flight controller for the Space Shuttle program. (April 15)

Video Transcript

SERGEY RYZHIKOV: Six months of being on board the station. It was an amazing time and it was unforgettable. Many unforgettable events during our increment we had. And now time to handover commanding from station. From me to Shannon. Traditionally we have handover key from the station, and I'm glad to hand it to Shannon.

SHANNON WALKER: Thank you, Sergey. It is truly an honor and a privilege to accept command of the International Space Station. And the responsibility for this amazing orbiting laboratory that we have up here. And, as you say, to carry on the traditions of international cooperation in space. And so Sergey, finally, I'd like to wish you and your crew a safe journey home. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]