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Houston rapper puts smiles on people's faces with gas giveaway

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THIS IS HOW WE HOUSTON! 🤘 "The satisfaction and the energy we get from people in return is amazing," said the rapper.

Video Transcript

- A lot right there. HIC is not the only group giving back. Numerous organizations in the community are working to help those in need, and Houston rapper Trae tha Truth and his relief gang provided free gas for more than 250 families today. ABC 13 photojournalist Charles Fisher has the story.

TRAE THE TRUTH: We're going to blitz 250 families with free gas.

- Give them some gas make them smile. You know it was a tough week that we all had. And, hopefully, this will make everybody feel better and smile. That's all we want to do is give back.

- Woo! I feel like I got a breath of fresh air.

- Right now, they get to come in and they get to get free gas. They're going to t free water, and free food.

- I'm doing well. Enjoy. We have red beans and rice, chicken wings, corn bread.

- You know, we got to have more compassion. In this time right now, we got to have more compassion.

- I decided to give Trae a call, and work together. And give some fuel away to families in need.

TRAE THE TRUTH: We gave back, and I got a smile in return. And That's exactly how I feel, you know. The satisfaction and the energy that we get from helping people is amazing.

- It mean a lot for the community. It mean a lot. I'm glad he out here to help. It mean a lot to us.

TRAE THE TRUTH: Hey, somebody at every pump.

- And bring a smile to some people's faces, in light of what just happened. In nice 70 degree weather that we have now.

TRAE THE TRUTH: This is going to be one of many that we about to do. We haven't even announced the other ones, So.

- This thing ain't gonna end for another six months. We just going to be the same way we were in Harvey. It ain't gonna end no time soon.

- And if you'd like to help those in need, ABC 13 is partnering with the Houston Food Bank to raise money for their efforts to keep food on everyone's table. All you have to do is text ABC 13 to 41444 to make a donation. There's no minimum amount. But keep in mind, each dollar raised provides three meals.