Houston Residents Report Brown Water Amid Boil-Water Notice

A Houston resident said discolored water came out of her faucet on February 19 following a boil-water notice that was issued after a severe winter storm.

Houston’s boil-water notice was issued on February 17 after the city’s public water system was affected by “historic freezing temperatures,” according to a Houston Public Works press release. The boil-water notice was lifted on February 21.

Houston resident Linh Nguyen said she filmed this video of brown water coming out of her bathroom faucet on February 19. Nguyen told Storyful the water was no longer brown on the morning of February 20.

“It’s not just a power blackout,” Nguyen said on Twitter. “Half the state now has issues with its water supply and is food insecure. Thawing pipes are at risk of bursting and flooding homes.” Credit: Linh Nguyen via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh, God. Oh my God.

- Oh, God. Oh my God.