Houston Rockets hold water distribution to help Texans in need

The Rockets took their talents from the court to the parking lot as the need for clean water remains for countless Texans.

Video Transcript

- Water back there for you, the hand sanitizer, the adult masks and [INAUDIBLE] masks too.

- We love this city, and any opportunity we can have to give back and to help fellow Houstonians get through a time like this. We obviously want to take the opportunity to do so.

- Means a whole lot. Means the whole world.

- It means a lot for us, because we can find nothing at the stores.

- That's what we do. We survive.

- Trying to do our part, man. We're just trying to make sure everybody's got what they want and need, and we here.

- Houstonians are like, hey, let's buckle down and come together and deal with this adversity in the way that we do in Houston.

- It means a lot. It means that they noticed what was happening, and they did something about it.

- It's awesome. It's awesome to see, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. I'm proud to be a new Houstonian.

- I'm just thankful and grateful.

- I have no water.

- How difficult has it been for you to just make it each day?

- It's hard. But I know someone out there having it harder than I am. So I'm blessed.

- What are y'all giving out over here?

- Hand sanitizer, five pairs of masks, and two cases of water.

- You can be a champion in more places than on the court.

- Thank you.

- No, thank y'all. Thank y'all.

- And some good weather for you too.

- Because when people in your city and your community are hurting, and when you step up to meet their need, you are a champion in their books.