Houston teen hit by car while on vacation out of ICU

Melissa Friels's dad said her recovery will be long and she will have to re-learn how to walk, talk and even swallow.

Video Transcript

- Some great news for a Houston family on this Good Friday. Melissa Friels has been in the ICU since March 15, when she was hit by a car while riding a bicycle on vacation in Florida. The 16-year-old underwent emergency brain surgery. But today, great news-- Melissa was moved out of ICU, and her parents received a phone call from TIRR, here in Houston, letting them know a spot has opened up for their daughter.

- God really and truly, you know, has been Melissa this whole entire time and gave us good news. Like, hey, you're going to a different room. When we get in the room, and we get settled, we get a phone call from TIRR. And it's like, wow. So yeah, we would never look at Good Friday as just a good Friday. We'll look at it as a good blessing day.

- Such a positive attitude there by that dad. Melissa is expected to move from her hospital in Pensacola to TIRR Memorial Hermann next week.