Houston traffic improves with better conditions

The roads have improved after days of hazardous conditions, but there are still some places to keep an eye on.

Video Transcript

KATHERINE WHALEY: Elita, right now, of course we are tracking the roadways, giving you the updates on what is closed, what is open. I'm grateful to see that we're still seeing very light traffic out there today. Little by little getting a little bit easier to drive out there. But of course, you should be extremely careful once you do get out about.

Here's a look at 225. There is ice reported on the roadway. And for that reason, it's closed between Underwood and Scarborough.

Thankfully, the feeder road is open. So you can use that instead. Both directions are operating. So that's not a problem. You can get through if you have to be out and about in that area.

Here's a look at where they have flashing lights in that location. As you can see, all traffic here being pushed off there at Scarborough.

Also, Metro updating some of their routes today. They've got about 15 different routes that are going back online today for buses. Have those all listed right here and also on my Facebook page and Twitter. It's a limited service only from 10:00 AM this morning until 4:00 PM in the afternoon.