Houston Woman's Double Life As Stripper and Journalist Revealed

Houston Woman's Double Life As Stripper and Journalist Revealed (ABC News)

As a journalist who covers high society for the Houston Chronicle, Sarah Tressler mingled with well-heeled crowds at charity luncheons and galas, surrounded by ladies in feather fascinators and a crowd that preferred caviar to crawfish.

By night, the journalist was working in a world of 6-inch heels, all you can eat buffets and stripper poles.

"I worked from 1:30 to 11:30 last Thursday, which is long enough to hang out with some friends, make some new contacts, eat lunch and pull down about $750," she wrote on her blog, Angry Stripper.

Tressler, 29, who has been moonlighting as a dancer "on and off" since 2004, was revealed to be a stripper after the Houston Press discovered her blog, where she posted under the author name sarahtress and shared pictures of herself in a "Slutty Claus" outfit.

The no-holds-barred blog includes Tressler's take on everything from experiences with crying customers to men with "weird" foot and nipple fetishes to an over-excited man who hurled chewed up bites of food at her while he tipped her.

When contacted via email by ABCNews.com, Tressler declined an interview.

"I'm awaiting the editor-in-chief's decision with regard to my fate at the Houston Chronicle," she wrote.

People who worked with Tressler told the Houston Press they are "furious" because Tressler would flaunt her "stripper money" in the office by showing up to work in high-end clothing. Staffers also alleged Tressler was living the double-life for the purpose of securing a book deal.

The Houston Chronicle declined ABCNews.com's request for comment.

Tressler alluded to her "day job" in one post, when she shared an x-ray of her hand after a car accident.

"It takes a maddeningly long time to type now, a state of affairs that does not bode well for my day job, either. I never appreciated how dependent I am on all my fingers," she wrote.

She joked whether she should be "Sarah the Crippled Stripper or Sarah's Away on Leave."

Tressler also works as a lecturer at her alma mater, Houston University, where she teaches writing for print and digital media. A spokesperson for the school declined to comment on Tressler's "personal life" and whether her employment was in jeopardy.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Tressler earned a master's degree in journalism form New York University in 2009.

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