Houstonians concerned for family caught in Israel-Palestine conflict

As rockets fly back and forth between the Gaza Strip and Israel, some Houstonians are nervously watching with family living on both sides.

Video Transcript

- As rockets fly back and forth between the Gaza Strip and Israel, people here in Houston nervously watch with family there on both sides.

- My immediate concerns is the safety of everyone.

- My family is obviously on edge. You know, they're feeling under threat. But this threat isn't new.

- It's the fourth round of Major conflicts between Israel and Hamas since 2008. In Gaza, more than 100 people have been killed and nearly 1,000 hurt, including women and children. In Israel, seven have been killed with 500 hurt.

- It's an uneasy situation. You know, everyone is worried about the next IDF raid going into their homes and breaking down their doors and taking their loved ones away. They're worried about being caught up in crossfire. They're worried about bombs being dropped on their heads.

- I'm sure you have family, friends, colleagues over there. What are they telling you?

- My wife, she went to Israel. She's in Israel now. She, for the last five days, five nights actually, she had to go run to the shelter every night five times. Yesterday, during one of my phone calls with her, as we were speaking, she told me she had to hang up because there was a siren. Check around 30 seconds to get to a shelter.

- With the fifth straight day of fighting, fears grow Israel's military will launch a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip. And here in Houston, family concerned for their loved ones in the middle of it.

- There's also immediate concern of things spiraling out of control and becoming a broader conflict.

- TJ Parker, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.