Houstonians lack clean drinking water after freeze

Thousands of Houston residents are under a boil advisory, meaning they have to boil their tap water should they use it. Water treatment facilities are affected by widespread power outages caused by a record breaking statewide cold snap. (Feb.18)

Video Transcript

PAULA RECIO: The temperature in the house was 33 degrees. And now the power's back on, so it's warm. But we don't have any water, so I'm here to get water. I've been to several different stores, and no one has water.

JUANITA VALDEZ: When the mayor was talking about "this might last till Monday," I looked to look at my water, and I have less than a case of water. So I said, yeah, let's go start looking for water.

- I got it right here. Right here.

- Bring it down. Bring it down.

- Come one.

- Let's get some water in here, water in here.

- Here's water.

SHEILA JACKSON LEE: It was a fault of a man, whose responsibility it was to ensure that these assets were functioning in case something like this, a 100-year freeze if you will, would come.


- Thank you so much.

- All right.