How To Tell If Your Dog Is Dreaming - And What They’re Dreaming About

Most dog owners have long suspected it - but a dog expert has revealed that dogs DO dream, just like us, and offered an insight into what about.

Dr Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia says that different breeds dream differently, but there are some telltale signs.

Dr Coren says that you can tell when a dog is dreaming: ‘For a typical medium sized dog, their breathing is fairly regular and somewhere around 20 minutes into the sleep cycle, you can see the eyes moving around the closed lids and their breathing will become irregular.’

'And sometimes you see twitching, like the dog is trying to do something, which indicates the dog is in the dream state and it will dream for about two to three minutes.’

Coren says that larger dogs have longer dreams, and smaller dogs have shorter ones - and younger dogs seem to dream more than older ones.

Coren says that dogs dream about their own lives - much in the same way that humans do.

Dr Coren says, ‘‘Dogs dream about doing doggie things.’

‘A Pointer will point at a dream bird and a Doberman Pinscher will chase a dream robber.’