How to vote in 4 states with Oct. 23-24 registration deadlines

Yahoo News Staff
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There are a variety of ways to vote. Below are all the details you’ll need to do so in four states with deadlines coming up Friday, Oct. 23, and Saturday, Oct. 24.

Remember, the deadlines for turning in mail ballots don’t preclude you from turning in your ballot as soon as you receive it. And with the problems with U.S. mail, and the huge number of mail ballots expected this year, the earlier you turn it in, the better. (Legal references were provided by the Voting Rights Lab.)

Oct. 23 states


"A voter may return the ballot by mail, drop it off at any polling place in the county, or bring it to the officer in charge of the election in the voter's jurisdiction.”- Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 16-548(A)


"Voters may mail in the completed ballot or return the ballot in person to an Election Day voting center or a designated ballot drop box.” - Utah Code § 20A-3a-204 (as enacted by 2020 Utah HB 36; effective date May 12, 2020)

Oct. 24 states


"Voters may return an absentee ballot by mail or in person to the commissioner's office. The commissioner will also send teams to licensed health care facilities to collect ballots for confined voters.” - Iowa Code § 53.17; Iowa Code § 53.9; Iowa Code § 53.22


"A voter or family members can return ballots in person to their town clerk or by mail.” - Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 54, § 91B; Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 54, § 92