WATCH: Starbucks CEO Discusses His Boycott On Campaign Contributions

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz spoke to CNN Money on Tuesday about what he hopes to accomplish with his recently announced boycott on political contributions.

As reported by The Huffington Post's Dan Froomkin, Schultz is calling on Americans and fellow business leaders to halt all campaign donations until politicians stop squabbling and demonstrate a capacity to work toward compromise on long-term fiscal issues.

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera recently wrote in an op-ed:

In effect, Schultz thinks the country should go on strike against its politicians. “The fundamental problem,” he said, “is that the lens through which Congress approaches issues is re-election. The lifeblood of their re-election campaigns is political contributions.”

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The message from the Starbucks CEO comes on the heels of the protracted debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling. He reiterated the sentiment on Tuesday.

"All it seems people are interested in is re-election," Schultz explained. "And that re-election -- the lifeblood of it is fundraising."

He urged employers to "grow their companies, start hiring and stop waiting for Washington." He added, "We can spread a feeling of confidence in America."

WATCH (via CNN):


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