Howard Stern says Bernie Sanders is probably his 'biggest hero'

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the king of all media, Howard Stern, revealed that Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders is one of his biggest heroes — admittedly for self-serving reasons.

Stern explained that when he was being attacked by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it felt like he was under siege and he thought it might be the end of his career — that is, until Sanders stepped onto the Senate floor and came to the rescue.

“Bernie Sanders got up in the Senate and said, ‘I think what you’re doing to Howard Stern is wrong, I believe in free speech, and I wanna go on record as saying you’ve gotta stop it.’ And it was pretty damn impressive,” Stern said during Tuesday’s show.

Sanders was a guest on The Howard Stern Show in 2005, something he believes would have helped Sanders’s 2016 primary rival, Hillary Clinton, in the general election. Stern said he’d tried to get her on the show, and that it would have given her a chance to communicate with his audience the way Donald Trump had in his many appearances on the show.

Stern stressed the importance of communication, even if that means risking uncomfortable situations, like going on Fox News. Sanders was the first of the Democratic presidential candidates to do a town hall on Fox, something that not all Democrats are willing to do, which Stern believes is a mistake if they’re going to take on Trump.

“I wanna say to anyone who now is running as a Democrat, Donald Trump, I saw it on my show, he knows how to communicate with people,” Stern said, later adding, “He used my show in a very effective way, and I think whoever is the Democratic nominee should consider going on Fox News for sure.”

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