Howie Mandel explains why he was so dehydrated that he collapsed in a Starbucks

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TV personality Howie Mandel explained on Thursday more about what led him to collapse inside a Los Angeles area coffee shop on Wednesday.

Mandel, in a podcast with his daughter Jackelyn Shultz, explained he had gotten a colonoscopy earlier in the week.

"They empty you out," he explained to Shultz. "You take a drink, and you empty out — I had consensual diarrhea for, you know, an entire night essentially."

He added that the colonoscopy left him dehydrated and "from the moment I woke up from the colonoscopy I went and I worked."

Mandel explained he lived on "coffee and caffeine, which also exacerbates dehydration, I was told," until he collapsed at Starbucks.

Despite the scare that caught the attention of tabloids, Mandel was in good spirits.

"What has this world come to where you can't pass out in a Starbucks privately anymore?" he joked.

Shultz said she'd seen the tabloids sharing photos from the scene and noticed one picture circulating was not of Mandel but rather a younger, bald firefighter responding to the scene.

"I was like, well I'm not so concerned because that guy looks good!" she laughed.

Mandel had tweeted on Wednesday to his fans about the incident, explaining he had been dehydrated and "had low blood sugar."

On Thursday, he said he had learned his lesson.

"I don't drink water — I'm going to start drinking, well I'm going to moisturize and hydrate from now on — (and) apparently when you do that, you will pass out at Starbucks," he chuckled.

Especially during warmer months and in hot climates, dehydration can become a serious health concern. Keep an eye out for symptoms like increased thirst and a dry or sticky mouth, signs of fatigue, confusion or anger, dry eyes or blurred vision and headaches or disorientation.

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