HPD Chief Art Acevedo celebrates one of his last events in Houston

Acevedo said he hopes that the criminal justice system steps up to keep the residents of Houston safe.

Video Transcript

ART ACEVEDO: This is it! This is it. It's very bittersweet to come out here and see the support of the community. But I think the support is not about an individual, it's about the relationship of this police department with this great melting pot we call Houston. It's a city that comes together. It's going to be in good hands with Troy Finner and his team, and I just look forward to taking relational policing to Miami and leaving my mark there. And I hope that the people of Houston know I love them, and you never know, I may be back. Be good! Because I'll be watching from Miami, everybody!

- How are you feeling inside?

ART ACEVEDO: Oh, hurting. (LAUGHS) It hurts to say goodbye. I mean, some of the stuff that people have been-- the officers, the community, and the things that they tell you. You realize that you do make an impact, that leadership matters, and that having a great spirit as a police department matters.

And you know, we've got a lot of challenges in Houston. I just pray that the criminal justice system, with these judges, who are coddling violent criminals, realize this community deserves to live safe, and they need to play a role. And when this community wakes up, they're going to be consequences for these elected criminal judges that are letting hardcore violent criminals in, out one door. This is what we come to work for every day, and it shows today.

- You've had a lot of good times, too.

ART ACEVEDO: Well, you know what? I mean, this right here. I mean, being here, celebrating life, celebrating safety, celebrating community. But it's what we do in the bad times that defines our relationship in the good times, right? And we know we're going to have bad times. But let's face it, when we say Houston strong, it is not a slogan, it is a fact of life. And Houston is really a beacon of how people can come together. All this division in this country, you don't see it in Houston, which we're very proud of that fact. All right! Thanks, guys!