Is HTC dumping Windows Phone?

Zach Epstein

HTC Windows Phone Plans

HTC has tried plenty of things to reverse its current slide. Some seem to be working out relatively well, others not so much. Where HTC’s Windows Phone devices are concerned, the company gained some traction with its Windows Phone 8X and recent rumors suggested a new flagship Windows Phone might launch this fall. With HTC betting $1 billion on its latest Android phones, however, it seems like Windows Phone is again taking a back seat — or perhaps, HTC is moving away from Microsoft’s mobile platform entirely. A new report from Digitimes cites anonymous industry sources in claiming that HTC will likely “drift away” from Windows Phone now that Nokia’s Windows Phone market share has reached 80%. The report notes that HTC’s share of the tiny Windows Phone market is now just 5%, so focusing on Android is probably a good idea… especially considering HTC’s latest flagship phone is the best Android phone in the world.

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