HTC and Sony defeat patent troll

Dan Graziano

HTC Sony Ericsson Patent Troll Wi-Lan

A federal jury in Texas on Monday found that HTC, Sony, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent do not infringe Wi-Lan’s technology, The Wall Street Journal reported. Wi-Lan, a well-known patent troll that uses litigation to generate revenue, had accused the companies of infringing on four of its wireless patents. The company previously filed a similar lawsuit against BlackBerry in December. A Wi-Lan spokesperson told The Journal that the company was “disappointed with the jury’s decision,” and it is now reviewing its options. Shares of Wi-Lan fell more than 30% to a three-year low of $3.27 on Monday, however they rebounded on Tuesday, jumping 13% to $3.70 per share.

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