Huawei to build French factory regardless of 5G decision

Chinese tech giant Huawei will begin building a factory in France - even if the country excludes it from a new 5G network.

Huawei remains at odds with the United States over whether its equipment poses a risk to national security

Europe has become a major battleground over the issue, with Washington pressuring allies to ban the firm's kit.

France's cybersecurity agency continues to screen 5G equipment, including from Huawei, for deployment in its new network.

But Huawei France's deputy chief executive Minggang Zhang told Reuters that building a factory there is part of their strategy, regardless of the 5G decision.

The initial cost of the build will be $223 million dollars, with the exact location not yet announced.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Wednesday (March 4) the building of a Huawei factory will not influence the government, even with the promise of 500 new jobs being created.