Huawei trademarks name of brand-OS in the works

Huawei has officially unveiled its own operating system.

In the wake of Google revoking Android software access to Huawei devices worldwide, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese tech company's operating system in development is advanced enough to have a trademarked name: Hongmeng.

Earlier this week, Google banned any new Huawei devices from using the Android operating system, effectively dealing a fatal blow to the Chinese company according to several news outlets worldwide. Despite the US blacklisting, though, the company is determined to survive; on Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Huawei-branded OS that's in the works has been officially named "Hongmeng" and has been trademarked by China's National Intellectual Property Administration.

Sources say that the company began developing their own operating system back in 2012 as a result of the already rising tension with the United States. On Thursday, company CEO Richard Yu told CNBC that an international version of the OS could be available during the second quarter of next year stating that "We don't want to do this but we will be forced to do that because of the US government."

Due to the blacklisting, Huawei's operating system will not have access to Google's suite of applications like Gmail, YouTube, and the Play Store. Users will be required to find a new way to download applications -- it's unknown how saturated Huawei's own App Gallery will be when the OS launches.

On Wednesday, Arm, a supplier of components used in Huawei's smartphone processors, also suspended business with the company, creating yet another hurdle for Huawei.

Hongmeng will likely be available for use in China this fall.