HUB International Puerto Rico's Marketplace. Powered by Innoveo Skye® From Manual Processes to Immersive Digital Experience

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NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Innoveo announces its latest client project, the launch of HUB International-Puerto Rico's Marketplace powered by Innoveo Skye®. HUB International-Puerto Rico is a subsidiary of HUB International Limited, a $2+ Billion Brokerage firm with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, is committed to offering its customers, agents, insurers, and partners an immersive digital experience to facilitate and enhance their customer journey. Innoveo drove a comprehensive digital transformation to convert some of HUB International-Puerto Rico's retail sales from a largely paper-driven, in-person enrollment process to a fully digitized multi-channel marketplace offering a wide range of insurance products.


Fast implementation, ease of use, flexibility, and scalability are the key drivers behind the selection of Innoveo for this critical business transformation. HUB International-Puerto Rico's vision, driven by Innoveo Skye, is the ability to quickly scale up, and readily add new insurers and product lines, offering customers a comprehensive 'one-stop-shopping' experience. Powered by Innoveo's no-code platform, HUB International-PR now has the flexibility to add new insurers and products to the marketplace within days.

"Our insurance policy sales process has been very traditional, requiring multiple visits to customers and carriers, manual data entry, and hand-delivery of policies. The sales cycle could easily take 2-3 weeks per customer before customers would receive their final approved policy. Multiply this across all our brokers and you can see how time-consuming and inefficient this was – for both our brokers and our customers. We needed to expedite the process so we could provide our customers with superior customer service, and ensure they receive their policies promptly. Our vision is to fully digitize the entire process. We knew Innoveo would successfully execute our vision". Antonio Casellas, President & CEO, Carrión, Laffitte & Casellas, Inc. /HUB International Puerto Rico.

"The future is in digitization, especially since the pandemic. In-person meetings and manual processes are a thing of the past. To stay competitive and relevant, companies need to digitize the entire front and back-end processes. We are excited to work with HUB International to empower their vision with our no-code platform, Innoveo Skye. This is where we excel – the ability to digitize an end-to-end solution and scale as the business grows." Amir Ghaffar, President and CEO, Innoveo.

Innoveo is a Swiss company founded in 2007. A global technology provider, Innoveo empowers customers to focus on innovation and market growth to accelerate business value while providing the latest technology with the no-code platform Innoveo Skye®, in just weeks, not years.

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