Huber Heights lane widening project underway

A big construction project has started on State Route 202 around the I-70 interchange in Huber Heights.

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The goal is to help people get to businesses and the highway faster.

Half of the project has been completed. A developer put in a right-turn lane from Taylorsville to Old Troy Pike (SR 202).

The city is now taking the construction the rest of the way up to Interstate 70.

Many locals take this route to get around, and Wesley Harrell is one of them. He said all this construction will pay off if it works.

“It’s a little inconvenient but I understand, they have to move forward to make any progress at all,” Harrell said.

The exact area where work is being done on the northbound side of 202 or Old Troy Pike.

The right turn lane will allow for smoother access to businesses, homes, and Eastbound I-70.

Interim City Manager Bryan Chodkowsi admits that no one likes to see the orange construction barrels, but once it is complete it will be beneficial to all drivers in the area.

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“After the project is done, you’ll have the continuous two lanes that go north over the bridge,” Chodkowsi said.

While driving through the area, News Center 7′s Mike Campbell noted that the traffic flow was going extremely slow.

The city’s plan is to keep two lanes open continuously, but it was temporarily down to one lane, leading to stop and start driving.

“A big driver of this is the economic development success we’ve seen in the city, in particular this corridor,” Chodkowsi said.

“People don’t want to be stuck in traffic today, they want to come in, get it done,” Harrell said.

Harrell owns a couple of fitness centers along SR 202 and he doesn’t want customers to avoid coming in due to the construction, but he’s trying to keep a positive attitude about the work being done.

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“Let’s face it. Progress? This is always a part of it, if they weren’t doing it at all, it would actually be worse,” Harrell said.

City officials say the total cost of the widening project is about $2 million, split with the developer.

They hope the work will be done in the next several months.