This Huge Dyson Vacuum Sale Is Your Ticket to a Cleaner Apartment

Daniel Varghese

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner > $323 $247, Buy now at Amazon

The thing about vacuuming is that it sucks. (Sorry.) Vacuums tend to be cumbersome, heavy, and annoying to empty out. For a long time, the process and rigamarole involved with just getting my vacuum ready to use, taking it out of the closet, unraveling the cord, finding the right wall outlet, was enough to make it my least favorite household task.

The first time I used a cordless vacuum, I realized that those days were done. I was dogsitting for a friend and wanted to leave the apartment in a nice state before I headed out the door. The floor was speckled with dog hair, crushed bits of dog food, couch fibers ripped up by the dog, and, probably, at least a crumb or two courtesy of me. The Dyson V7 adeptly inhaled all of this, practically instantaneously. It happened so quickly, I just found myself moving it around the rest of the apartment, gliding through each surface, cleaning with a gusto I honestly didn't know I had within myself.

I've since gotten a Dyson cordless stick vacuum for myself. Cleaning with it still makes me feel as powerful as it did before. Since then, Dyson has released several updated versions of the V7—including [our current favorite option, the V10. But the V7 remains, as it always has, a really great vacuum.

Today, you can get the Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum on sale for almost $80 less than its usual price on Amazon. We've seen lower prices on the vacuum before, usually during big sales events like Prime Day or Black Friday. But still, $250 is a pretty reasonable price to pay to effectively take vacuuming off the list of chores that you absolutely hate to do. If only such a thing existed for scooping out hairs from the drain catcher of my bathtub.

Originally Appeared on GQ