'A Huge Mystery': Peabody Officials Investigate 'Booms' Felt By Hundreds Of Residents

Two to three large “booms” were felt by hundreds of residents just before noon Tuesday. WBZ-TV's Kristina Rex reports.

Video Transcript

- Investigation is underway tonight in Peabody where police are looking into the reports of loud explosions that happened twice today. WBZ's Kristina Rex has more now on the mysterious sounds.

EMILY GONZALEZ: It felt like a small bomb.

ED CHAREST: A huge mystery from everybody I was talking to.

KRISTINA REX: People in Peabody felt it from Hilltop Drive to Dustin Street to Quail Road and even in other towns like Salem and Lynn, a loud boom and shaking sensation just before noon.

- They call for any blasts or loud explosions?

- Yes sir. Nonstop.

KRISTINA REX: On Facebook, comments blew up. People claiming to hear two to three loud booms feeling their houses shake, including Emily Gonzalez who lives in Salem on the Peabody line.

EMILY GONZALEZ: So I was just sitting in my living room working. And it just sounded like my boiler exploded.

KRISTINA REX: But it didn't explode. And the loud noise remains a mystery. Peabody city councilor Ed Charest was out of town at work but says his phone started ringing off the hook.

ED CHAREST: I was fielding calls from everybody saying what was this explosion?

KRISTINA REX: Still, nobody knows what happened, not police, fire, or the electric company. And residents are wary with no answers.

EMILY GONZALEZ: I think people are scared because we're all remembering what happened in North Andover and the Merrimack explosion. And no one wants that to happen.

KRISTINA REX: In Peabody, police have put a call out on social media saying they still don't know the source of that loud boom. And they're asking anyone with information to call them. Kristina Rex, WBZ News.