Stock Up on Oreo Mint Crunch Bars Before They Sell Out Again

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: CandyHunting - Instagram

From Delish

It's been an exciting time for Oreo fans recently. Not only are Oreo Eggs making an appearance outside of their typical Easter slot, but we're also getting two new Oreo flavors in January 2020, we still have to uncover the mystery flavor, AND there's an adorable new Oreo Milkshake Kit available for the holidays. That's a lot going on! But all of that kind of pales in comparison to the news that Oreo Big Crunch Bars are back in mint for the holidays.

If you've never had one, The Oreo Big Crunch chocolate bars put a crispy layer of Oreo cookies between two layers of creme and in this case, it's mint chocolate cream. That's all then covered in Milka chocolate, which is the best kind of chocolate IMO, to make a portable bar that's crunchy, cool, sweet, and rich all in one.

These mint bars were first spotted back in May, but appeared to have taken a quick hiatus. They've now returned with updated holiday packaging, including a gift tag where you can write your name and the recipient's. It's chocolate and it's already wrapped, so it's basically the perfect present.

The bar was spotted on shelves at Walgreens by Instagrammer @CandyHunting but previous iterations of the bars have been sold elsewhere like Amazon and Walmart so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you're looking for stocking stuffers. You really can't go wrong with mint chocolate anything.

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