Hugh Dancy teases a fiery exchange with Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy on ‘Law & Order’

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“Law & Order” fans are in for a treat, as one of the show’s main characters will go from grilling witnesses on the stand to sitting in that hot seat himself — for a very “personal” reason.

The March 30 episode, “Bias,” is a big one for Hugh Dancy’s EADA Nolan Price, as Detectives Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) and Shaw (Mehcad Brooks) surprisingly come across Price at the crime scene.

Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)
Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)

Usually, viewers don’t get a glimpse of Price and the ADAs until the second half of “L&O,” while the first half focuses on Lt. Kate Dixon’s (Camryn Manheim) team trying to piece together the clues to ultimately provide enough evidence for the prosecution to make their case.

Dancy tells having the chance to be in the show’s opening was “cool” for him as an actor because he “got to see what those guys do every single week.”

“Also, it just meant I was playing something different,” he continues. “I think it worked well.”

Dancy says Price is not a person of interest in the case, but rather a witness.

“I was basically most excited to find myself on the witness stand,” he explains, since Price is “usually on the other side of the room” questioning the witnesses on the stand.

Dancy also says the episode “pushes the kind of limits of what somebody could get away with to the extreme.”

Price’s behavior in the episode, he says, also leaves his colleagues “increasingly unhappy” with him, especially Price’s “mentor” — Sam Waterston’s District Attorney Jack McCoy. Fans will remember McCoy spent many years as the EADA before landing the top job.

A promo for the episode shows McCoy scolding Price for his involvement in the case after he realizes Price is the one who found the victim’s body.

Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)
Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)

Dancy describes the scene as one that was “really fun” to film with Waterston and adds it was his favorite one to film for the episode.

“I know for a fact that he enjoyed it as well,” Dancy says about Waterston.

“I really like the relationship between us that we’ve kind of carved out over the season, and sometimes he’s like a mentor,” he adds, “and sometimes it’s disapproving.”

“But I felt like in this episode — in that scene — I got a little flash of him as he was when he was the ADA,” he continues, “when he was out there all guns blazing. It was fun.”

Another character not thrilled about Price’s actions in this episode? His associate — ADA Samantha Maroun (Odelya Halevi).

“She has to jump in and essentially take over my normal position and argue the case when she’s not even sure that the case is built,” Dancy explains. “She thinks that maybe it’s built on shaky ground because of my involvement. So yeah, that definitely stirs things up.”

It’s also worth noting a main character doesn’t often have a personal connection or involvement in a case on “Law & Order,” but the personal element is something Dancy particularly enjoys.

Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)
Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)

“Most of the times, all these characters, they’re doing their job really, really well, and they care about their jobs,” Dancy says.

He adds that he appreciates when an individualized storyline can be weaved into an episode, recalling one from last season when Price prosecuted a defendant for manufacturing opioids.

In that episode, “The Great Pretender,” viewers learned Price lost his brother to a drug overdose.

“I had a personal stake in that, and I felt like that really helped drive the episode,” Dancy recalls.

While Dancy has screen time with Detectives Cosgrove and Shaw in this episode, don’t expect him to make a move out of the DA’s office to the homicide squad. The shift has recently been done before, in reverse, in the “Law & Order” universe over on “SVU,” when Dominick Carisi went from being a detective to an ADA a few seasons ago.

Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)
Law & Order - Season 22 (NBC)

“I actually, I don’t think so because I think that he’s quite committed to the idea of justice,” Dancy says.

“Legal justice …” he adds, “which is slightly different from tracking down the perp.”

That doesn’t mean Price can’t pretend every now and again.

“I have this theory, every time I work with Jeffrey and Mehcad, that Price secretly kind of wants to be a cop and tries kind of pathetically to adopt their lingo,” he jokes.

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