Hulu to Lose Its Current Marvel Property


Marvel's "Runaways," based on a comic book series of the same name, premiered to rave reviews on Hulu in 2017. This particular superhero team is made up of six friends who are all the offspring of supervillains. They run away from their nefarious parents and come together with their own powers and, even, a friendly pet dinosaur. Any Marvel content to appear on Hulu will be new content (mostly a number of new animated series). Did the Disney Plus launch lead to the death of this beloved series? Executives say no, and that the yet to be released season three will wrap up the show and satisfy loyal viewers.


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What About Season 3?

Season three of "Runaways" is still coming, and still supposed to be spectacular. Slated to launch on Hulu December 13, the 10 episode season three is supposed to bring the drama, the action, and the closure the audience deserves. With three of the main "Runaways," having been kidnapped at the end of last season, fans can expect the remaining heroes to rescue their friends and go head to head, as always, with their parents and new baddy, Morgan le Fay.

Welcome Elizabeth Hurley

New big bad, Morgan le Fay will be played by all-star, Elizabeth Hurley. Best known for her work on "Austin Powers," and "Gossip Girl," Hurley brings both humor, intelligence, and prior experience working with teenagers to the show. Morgan le Fay is a well-known villain to fantasy enthusiasts, stretching as far back as the original tales of King Arthur, sometimes portrayed as his sister. She was a witch, who had the power to do both great good, and a great evil. Having fought off the power of aliens in previous seasons, this turn to the power of magic should make for an interesting new twist for the "Runaways" crew, as well as a satisfying final showdown.

Time to Say Goodbye?

Don't worry, be happy. While the show is ending, the stories are not. Fans can always go back to the books that inspired it all, the Marvel comics created by the award winning team of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. Want your stories a little more updated. The current run of "Runaways" is being written by Rainbow Rowell (YA author or "Eleanore and Park," and "Fangirl," fame), and illustrated by Kris Anka. The Rowell/Anka stories launched in the same year as the Hulu series, 2017. It has new plots, but the same characters that fans grew to love on Hulu.