Is the Human Brain Similar to the Universe?

Are the similarities between the universe and the human brain deeper than we thought?

Video Transcript


- To anyone who has looked closely enough, the universe kind of looks like a brain. But now researchers from the University of Verona and the University of Bologna say there may be more similarities in their structure than what meets the telescoped eye. The universe is thought to have at least 100 billion galaxies made up of an intricate web that links them together. Similarly, the human brain has a network of neurons, about 70 billion of them, an equally complex web of data delivering tendrils.

What's more, in both of the independent systems, the connecting filaments account for about 30% of its mass while the passive areas, i.e. the brain's gray matter and the universe's dark matter, make up the other 70%, which the researchers say could mean extremely different physical processes may converge to incredibly similar albeit complex organized structures, adding that both systems' connection points were similar as well with the researchers concluding that each part of both the brains and the universe's structural parameters were more akin to one another's than two other parts of their own respective systems.