Human rights activist Butkevich captured by Russians

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MONDAY, 11 JULY 2022, 00:29

Human rights activist Maksym Butkevych, currently serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, has been captured by the Russians.

Source: Hromadske radio [independent Ukrainian radio broadcaster - ed.]; ZMINA Human Rights Centre; Butkevych’s mother Yevhenia in Babel comments

Details: Butkevych’s capture was reported on 24 June by Russian propagandists, who published a video of the interrogation. It is claimed that Ukrainian servicemen, including Butkevych, allegedly "surrendered near Hirske."

ZMINA writes that Butkevych’s parents were officially informed about his capture by the command of the company in which he serves.

At the same time, Butkevych’s mother said that she learned about her son’s fate from a video published in late June, and Butkevych has not contacted her since. The issue of Butkevych’s release is being handled by the Joint Centre for the Search and Release of Prisoners. The mother has not yet received any information about her son – all her enquiries receive the answer that "the case is being processed."

Background: Maxym Butkevych joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in March 2022. He is a Ukrainian human rights activist and journalist, co-founder of ZMINA and Hromadske radio.