Humane society introduces smart pet tags

Nov. 3—Finding lost pets may have just gotten a little bit easier with the help of smart technology.

The Kokomo Humane Society has partnered up with PetHub to introduce new smart ID tags for pets. According to a humane society press release, the tags provide an extra layer of protection by allowing pet owners to link their pets' tags to an online profile using a QR code after they make a free account at

If a pet goes missing and someone finds it wearing the smart ID tag, the finder can use a smartphone's camera to scan the QR code, view the contact information on the pet's profile and immediately contact the owner — or someone on the owner's "trusted" list — to reunite the pet, according to the release.

"Your account is safe and secure because you control what information in your pet's profile is visible and what is not," humane society officials stated in the press release.

If the finder does not have a smartphone or cannot scan the QR code on the tag, they still have two ways of reuniting a lost pet with their owner.

The first is to call the phone numbers listed on the pet's tag. After the finder provides the pet's license number, humane society officials will connect the owner to the finder.

The second way the finder can reunite a lost pet with their owner is by visiting PetHub's website, which is also printed on the ID tag. Once the finder enters the license number, they'll be able to see the owner's contact information.

Each smart ID tag provides free access to PetHub's basic membership, but pet owners can also pay to upgrade their membership for additional features.

The new smart ID tags will be sold at the Kokomo Humane Society and other community events for a $10 donation to the shelter. For more information, visit or call 765-452-6224.