Hundreds get COVID vaccine at Porterville fair

At the Porterville vaccine fair, it's not just about the COVID vaccine shot. 35 community-based organizations and non-profits are participating in the three-day event, giving away everything from reading material to masks to boxes of food.

Video Transcript

BRIAN JOHNSON: Well, Jason and Graciella, so far, today, about 97 vaccines have been administered. That's in addition to more than 300 yesterday, but as an organizer here told me today, if you're planning on coming to this event, make sure to clear some space in your back seat or trunk, because they have more than just vaccines to give.

One dose of the Pfizer vaccine down, one to go for Porterville's Alejandro Zavala.

ALEJANDRO ZAVALA: I feel a lot more safer, and I feel like we'll finally get back to normal soon faster, hopefully.

BRIAN JOHNSON: Zavala and members of his family attended the Drive Thru Vaccine and Resource Fair held at the Porterville Fairgrounds on Monday. Before getting their shots, they stopped at various booths for free resources related to the pandemic, other disasters such as wildfires, and just life in general.

ALEJANDRO VAZALA: Yeah, I have a lot of information, really useful information, for farmworkers, um, unemployment.

BRIAN JOHNSON: Brianna Galindo also received her first dose of the vaccine on Monday. She says she's telling others about the event on her social media pages.

BRIANNA GALINDO: It was like hand sanitizers, a couple of masks, ah, different things like that, and then also, like mental health resources, which is I thought was awesome.

RICO PERALTA: It was just educating, providing really culturally competent materials in language from trusted messengers. So folks coming into the drive, they may think they're here for a clinical experience, get a shot, but we're doing so much more than that with these wraparound health and resource fairs that we're doing.

BRIAN JOHNSON: Rico Peralta with the United Way of Fresno in Madera County says 35 community based organizations and nonprofits are participating in the three-day event. Funding was provided by Listos California and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Tulare County Public Health supplied 3,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

KAREN BAKER: And what a beautiful community. So many of your great nonprofits working together at this wonderful collaborative event and ensuring that our farm workers, our real heroes, who are out there feeding California, are getting the resources they need.

BRIAN JOHNSON: And the Vaccine and Resource Fair is open until 7 tonight, and again, tomorrow, from noon to 7. You can register at or you can show up here without an appointment and get your shot. Live in Porterville, Brian Johnson, ABC 30, Action News.