Hundreds Gather To Show Solidarity For Asian Community In Denver

Hundreds of people gathered at 20th and Blake St. Saturday evening to show solidarity for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community following the recent deadly spa shootings in Atlanta.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, a large crowd gathered outside Coors Field to show solidarity for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The candlelight vigil was in response to the recent deadly shootings at Asian owned spas in Atlanta. And our Conor McCue was there

- What is now labeled as Lodo used to contain much of what where Chinatown used to be.

CONOR MCCUE: Near a site of deep pain for Denver's Asian American community.

- He was lynched on a light post, while they shouted stomp out the yellow plague.

CONOR MCCUE: Hundreds gathered to mourn eight lives lost just four days ago.

- This coward targeted Asian women, who are the bedrock of our society and Asian culture.

CONOR MCCUE: On Saturday, the shock waves, from Atlanta, reverberated in the heart of downtown Denver.

- They keep saying it's because he had a bad day.

- Stop Asian hate crimes.

- I'm really sad and pissed at what happened this week.

CONOR MCCUE: [INAUDIBLE] says she wasn't surprised, though. Over the past year, she's felt, firsthand, the hate directed toward her community.

- People will lower their car window and yelled at me, like, [BLEEP] Chinese, go back to your country.

CONOR MCCUE: Organizer [? Pasha ?] [? Eve ?] has experienced it, too, and blames the nationwide rhetoric for its sharp increase.

- Every form of racism has been deemed OK, it feels like, been given permission to come out of the closet.

- Hate is a virus.

CONOR MCCUE: Throughout Saturday's candlelight vigil, speakers shared their own painful experiences, and urged allies to start speaking up.

- When I see elders being harassed--

- --I will not be silent.

CONOR MCCUE: A call to action, for change and healing.

- It's only by coming together in an intersectional way, like this, and speaking up for one another, that we're going to be able to make real progress and move forward.

- And that was Conor McCue reporting.